Root Therapy and Endodontics


3Endodontic and root canal therapy

“Why Can’t I have a A Root Canal Treated Locally?”

Root Therapy available in MOss ValeI often hear people ask this when I first see them. The good news is, you now can! It might be because their dentist doesn’t do root canal therapy at all, or because their tooth had an unusual problem or was difficult to treat. Advances in equipment, dental science and research now mean you can avoid extractions and keep teeth for much longer than ever before, but occasionally keeping a tooth means treating an infection inside the tooth, and that’s where ‘endodontics’ – or root canal therapy – is necessary.
Patrick Meaney

Patrick has a special interest in helping people with Endodontics, the art and science of root canal therapy. Perhaps you don’t need to go to Sydney after all: apart from continuing professional education to keep up to date with the latest techniques and knowledge, Patrick uses ‘3D’ digital imaging, a Zeiss operating microscope and microdentistry instruments to get to the root of the problem (sorry about that bad pun…)