“I Have a Great Dentist In Sydney, but…”


1“I have a great dentist in Sydney, but…”


…now that you’ve settled in the Highlands, is the trip to your dentist getting too much? Why travel a long distance when everything you need can be found right here? We’ll liaise with your current dentist to ensure a smooth transition. You’ll find easy parking, friendly staff and professional care. We see a lot of patients who have relocated from Canberra, the coast and much further afield. We also share professional care with your attending specialists, if required.
Emergency Care

Becoming an established patient here is an easy process and will save you travel time, traffic frustration and, if you ever need care in a hurry, we’re right here in the Highlands 7 days a week. Patrick Meaney has lived in Moss Vale for more than 20 years; although you’ll find his details in the local phone book, at Dr Patrick J Meaney & Associates, we offer a 7-day emergency service for our established patients. All you have to do is check our recorded information service on (02) 4869 3111 for details.