Evelyn Macleod

Receptionist Bookkeeper

Evelyn is our shy young occasional receptionist and bookkeeper. Forced by grinding poverty to leave the desolate blasted coast of the barren and bleak Scottish north, she was plonked at the tender age of 8 in Perth Western Australia with her brother and mother and father. Failing to find work in a coalmine or wollen mill (keeping the scouring machine from clogging, her dream position) she decided to brave primary school. This was a mistake, as her hideously deformed vowels and clipped, strange method of vocal communication caused immediate and effective action to be taken by her new classmates to stamp out difference (if not culture). Evelyn quickly learned to speak strine and settled into a pattern of academic performance and athletic excellence which she pursues to this day with championship tennis, drought-defeating gardening and highly energetic walking. Her doggedness, tenacity and brilliance in equal measure secured her a series of positions with successively larger and larger corporate concerns including the Department of Social Security, Chase AMP, and the Reserve Bank. Strangely only the last survives intact.

Evelyn continues her passion for accounting by filing the office BAS mostly on time and tending her interest in gardening and children. The gardening is mostly done locally, but constant Internet surveillance and Facebooking is required to keep track of three wandering or, some say, lost (or wanderlust?) souls.  evelyn@patrickmeaney.com.au