But I don’t want a silver filling

2“But I don’t want a silver filling”!

Have you been told you have to have silver? Now there are much better ways to restore a tooth.You Can Say No to Metal Fillings

Some dentists still believe that using silver is the only way to fill a tooth. Although it’s a cheap material, we find that it’s a poor choice for durable and aesthetically pleasing modern dentistry. In fact, the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines on dental amalgam (“When should amalgam be avoided?”, 2002) suggest women who are pregnant or breast feeding, children and people with kidney disease should avoid silver fillings. If it isn’t good for these groups, we think it’s probably not a good choice for everyone else.

And now, there are terrifically strong alternatives for dental problems.
We stopped using mercury-based filling materials more than twelve years ago, now offer long-lasting, durable and very strong tooth-coloured solutions for every dental problem. Tooth-coloured restorations require more attention to detail and a higher level of expertise than last century’s ‘black metal’ fillings, but we think it’s worth it when you consider the final outcome and the fact that with more modern approaches, teeth are actually strong without silver-mercury fillings in them.